The Inter-Fra­ternity Council is hosting a clothing drive this week.

The fra­ter­nities will be going to each dor­mitory and house to collect bags of clothing on Thursday, Nov. 15 to donate to the local Sal­vation Army.

“Everybody has clothing they don’t wear anymore,” senior Kurt Mas­ciovecchio, vice pres­ident of the Inter-Fra­ternity Council said. “It would be nice to give it someone else who would like it.”

Mas­ciovecchio said the clothing drive is part of a larger effort by the Inter-Fra­ternity Council to get more involved on campus.

“We need to lead by example,” Masi­cov­ecchio said. “An event like this is a step in that direction.”

The council is hoping for at least 15 – 20 bags to donate – about one for every house or dor­mitory, Masi­cov­ecchio said.

“All the clothing is going to the local Sal­vation Army,” said Masi­cov­ecchio, “We need to remember our com­munity, and this is some­thing we can do.”