Adam Car­rington teaches pol­itics at Hillsdale College. | Hillsdale College Website

More than 200 com­munity members raised $20,230 for the medical expenses of Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Pol­itics Adam Car­rington in December.

“I am over­whelmed by the gen­erosity shown to me and to my family by those who con­tributed,” Car­rington said. “God has worked mer­ci­fully and mightily to comfort and provide, both directly and through these dear people.”

After Car­rington was diag­nosed with cancer in December, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Classics Eric Hutchinson and his wife, Allison, orga­nized a fundraiser on GoFundMe for treatment-related expenses.

“As they are making all of the prepa­ra­tions in their lives for the treatment, there are so many unknowns,” Allison Hutchinson wrote on the GoFundMe page. “One thing that we do know is that they have a large com­munity of family and friends that might be able to join together to alle­viate some of the mis­cel­la­neous financial expenses that will quickly begin to pile at their door.”

By Dec. 22, the Hutchinsons closed the donation site because the com­munity had covered and far sur­passed the initial $10,000 goal.

Eric Hutchinson said in an email he was impressed with how quickly the need was met.

“I think the real story here is not the GoFundMe thing as such, but the speedy gen­erosity of Car­ring­ton’s col­leagues and extended friends and acquain­tances,” Hutchinson said. “I wish that it were not even known who set it up, but that wasn’t possible.”

Among the 204 people who donated were many Hillsdale College pro­fessors, staff, stu­dents, and alumni.

“I espe­cially was touched by how many were affil­iated with Hillsdale,” Car­rington said. “These persons included many former stu­dents, who gave me so much joy when they were here, and con­tinue to give me such joy in prac­ticing their man­ifold virtues. It all shows how Hillsdale is a part­nership, even a friendship where we not only learn together but take care of each other.” 

Pro­fessor of History Kenneth Calvert, one of the donors, said seeing how many col­leagues responded was a “won­derful example” of what Hillsdale is about. 

“When people get sick, you always pray for their health but quite often you forget that there are other needs as well,” Calvert said. “So Eric did a great job of getting news out.”

Carrington’s wife, Emily, said she was very thankful for the Hutchinsons ini­ti­ating the cam­paign, as the financial support was “a huge relief.”

“I am so humbled by the number of people who con­tributed to the cam­paign,” she said. “Walking through cancer with someone you love is hard and can be really lonely, but as I watched the cam­paign grow I was in awe seeing how many people love Adam and love our family.”