Many employees of the college received the vaccine at the Searle Center last spring. Courtesy | Hillsdale Hospital

A clinic on campus pro­vided 153 people with COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tions and more than 310 people with flu shots, according to Hillsdale Hos­pital Pharmacy Director Jeff Kauffman. 

The clinic, which took place at the Searle Center, was spon­sered by the hos­pital. It offered free shots to stu­dents, staff, faculty, and local residents. 

The clinic required reg­is­tration for the COVID-19 vaccine so it could prepare the nec­essary number of doses. Flu vaccine recip­ients were not required to reg­ister prior to the clinic. Indi­viduals 12 and older were eli­gible for the COVID-19 vaccine, and immuno­com­pro­mised indi­viduals were eli­gible for a third dose. 

“The flu shot has been around for a long time, and although it is not 100% effective, getting it seems like a good idea,” Hillsdale College Nurse Kari Cou­pland said. 

The hos­pital offers a similar com­munity vac­ci­nation event once a year, as well as a COVID-19 vac­ci­nation clinic every Thursday at the hos­pital. Last year, the com­munity event was held at the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds. 

Kauffmann encouraged those who missed the clinic to come to the hos­pital on a Thursday to get vaccinated. 

“If there are any other faculty or stu­dents that weren’t able to make it, they can come by any Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. here at the hos­pital and we can take care of the COVID-19 vac­ci­na­tions there,” he said. 

Fred Yaniga, chairman and asso­ciate pro­fessor of German, received the COVID-19 Pfizer booster, as well as the flu shot, last Friday.

“I have a class right now where 50% of my class is out,” Yaniga said. “I know that we’ve had many cases on campus. I like to have full classes, and I think that the vaccine is some­thing that can help.” 

He said it took five minutes to walk through the doors and receive both shots. He waited in the clinic for 15 minutes after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in case of an allergic reaction before going to lunch. 

Yaniga said he pri­marily saw other faculty members and members of the com­munity at the clinic. He explained the reason for his support of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“My only moti­vation is that stu­dents can actually come to class because that’s the whole reason why we have these face-to-face classes,” he said, “and I would like everybody to do what they can to ensure that that happens.” 

Director of Health Ser­vices Brock Lutz com­mented on the rela­tionship between the college and the hos­pital in pro­viding medical care for the students. 

“We are always happy to partner with the hos­pital, in this way and others, to provide the best ser­vices and oppor­tu­nities for people to be as healthy as pos­sible,” he said.