Asso­ciate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell and Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Neveau released Curate on Sept. 8, a weekly newsletter for women on campus.

Women on campus now have a direct line to female faculty and staff through the new Curate Newsletter.

Curate is a monthly digital newsletter created by women faculty for female students. 

The inspi­ration for the newsletter came from Rebekah Dell, asso­ciate dean of women, and her desire to support female res­ident advisors. 

“This has actually been some­thing I’ve wanted to do for several years,” Dell said. “My goal was a newsletter for the RAs as a way of enriching women’s lives who are giving so much to their peers. Some­thing has to be pouring into you as you are pouring out into others or you tend to have less to give.” 

The women behind the project are faculty and staff from Career Ser­vices, the Student Activ­ities Office, the Call Center, the Ath­letic Department, Health Ser­vices, the Deans’ office, and Admissions.

“Our goal is that the newsletter always be written by adult women in the com­munity,” Dell said. 

She added that a long-term goal for the newsletter is to include female faculty from other depart­ments at the college, as well faculty wives and busi­ness­women within the community. 

Dell also praised the work of Ashlyn Neveau, director of student activities. 

“Ashlyn is the muscle behind all of this. We brain­stormed together. She really is the one who should get all the credit for the boots-on-the-ground devel­opment” she said.

Neveau expressed how excited she is about the new project.

“It’s some­thing that when I was a student I would have loved getting,” she said. “I’m hoping it can be that for current students.”

Neveau said her team tailors Curate to each par­ticular month it comes out, making the newsletter as rel­evant as possible. 

“Our goal is that it does suit all women, freshman through senior,” she said. “We are trying to share our thoughts through stories in a way that is broad enough so that anyone can relate to them.” 

The idea for Curate emerged through a con­ver­sation between Neveau and Dell. 

“It started from an organic con­ver­sation when we were thinking, ‘how do we create women’s pro­gramming,’” Dell said. “That was our big goal for this year which ties in with two other ini­tia­tives that we have, so it creates an over­ar­ching women’s program.”

The newsletter’s first issue came out on Sept. 8. Senior Erin Carrol said she enjoyed reading through the sections.

 “I wish they’d had it the whole time I’ve been here,” Carrol said. “It’s nice to have some­thing to keep me grounded and thinking about the important things.”

In addition to the newsletter, the team has addi­tional plans to host exciting events throughout the semester. Dell said there is a three-tier plan for the first year. The first tier is the Curate newsletter. The second tier involves a series of mixers called “Connect,” where Curate con­trib­utors meet with various groups of women across campus including ath­letes, off-campus stu­dents, and members of the Greek system.

Dell noted that while freshmen get a lot of face time with members of faculty and staff, the mixers are a way for upper­classmen women to maintain the con­nec­tions they made in their first years at the college.

The third tier is “Cel­e­brate,” which will be a women’s summit. 

“On Sat­urday, Feb. 1, 2020, we reserved the entire Dow Center for a one-day women’s event which will include breakout ses­sions based on various topics,” Dell said. “You will be able to pick three out of the 10 you want to attend, and we will have a keynote speaker over lunch.”

 The main benefit to Curate is that readers can engage with the con­trib­utors in real life. 

“We want stu­dents to see that we’re human, that we’re women,” Dell said. “There will always be an inter­esting balance between authority and humanity. Our goal is that if we show a little bit more of who we are, and our stories and pas­sions, then that might give a young lady some­thing to connect with us over.”