Golden hour at Baw Beese Lake is the perfect time for a picnic or photo shoot. Regan Meyer/Collegian

Have a Picnic at Baw Beese Lake with Your Friends

Baw Beese has beau­tiful walking trails around the lake and plenty of picnic tables around the lake for a picnic. Take a walk around the lake and then share a meal with your friends. Baw Beese even has charcoal grills set up in some loca­tions for a cookout!


Go for a bike ride and enjoy the warmer tem­per­a­tures.
Emma Noverr | Courtesy

Activ­ities at Hayden Park

Mountain biking is a fun activity and also pro­vides bikers with a good endurance workout. After mountain biking, you and your friends could play a couple games of beach vol­leyball while the sun sets.

Drink a latte on the patio outside Rough Draft.
Josephine von Dohlen / Col­legian

Meet Friends for Coffee or Tea Outside at Rough Draft  

Rough Draft has a nice patio where friends can study and chat in the beau­tiful warm spring air. With a extensive selection of coffee, teas, and pas­tries, Rough Draft is a won­derful off-campus location for studying or chatting.

With warmer tem­per­a­tures, the plant life in the Slayton Arboretum will begin to bloom. Calli Townsend | Col­legian

Take Photos of the Budding Flowers and Trees in the Arboretum  

Freshen up your Instagram feed with some beau­tiful photos from one of the most beau­tiful places in Hillsdale. The Arboretum pro­vides a serene envi­ronment perfect for escaping moun­tains of homework.

Enjoy the spring sun­shine and Amer­ica’s pastime with a Charger ball game. Julia Mullins | Col­legian

Go to a Home Charger Softball or Baseball game.

Both teams are former GMAC cham­pions, and they’re records get better and better with each game. At a school where patri­otism rules, there’s nothing more American than gath­ering a group of friends and heading down to the ballpark!