Career Ser­vices will host a trip for stu­dents to visit the law school at the Uni­versity of Michigan on Friday. Wiki­media Commons

Career Ser­vices will be hosting a tour for inter­ested under­classmen to the Uni­versity of Michigan’s law school Friday, Jan. 25.

Ken Koopmans, exec­utive director of Career Ser­vices, who will be leading the trip, said the day-long event will expose stu­dents to both the appli­cation process and the aca­demic expe­rience of a top 10 law school.

A top 10 is among the “crème de la crème” of law schools. Its grad­uates are actively recruited by the biggest and most notable law firms and go on to lead dis­tin­guished careers in law. All of the sitting jus­tices on the Supreme Court grad­uated from a top 10.

Stu­dents will meet admis­sions staff, tour the campus, and have a Q&A with Hillsdale alumni cur­rently in Michigan’s program before con­cluding with lunch and the drive back to Hillsdale.

Freshman John Biscaro said he’s excited to learn more about the pos­si­bility of going to law school.

“I hope to gain more insight about whether law school is the right path for me,” Biscaro said.

He also said he wants to see the atmos­phere of a law school and what he’d be getting into, both are things that can’t be judged from a law school’s website.

First-year law student Jacob Weaver ‘17 will be on the Q&A panel. He said he wants to explain the dif­fer­ences he’s found between Hillsdale and Michigan Law.

“There’s a much nar­rower focus, a much more diverse ide­o­logical spectrum, and a sig­nif­icant emphasis on the appli­cation of the material you learn,” he said. “Law school doesn’t just train you how to be a lawyer, but it also trains you how to think like a lawyer.”