Social Media Manager Hannah Strickland is leaving in June to get married and move to Chicago. Hannah Kwapisz | Col­legian

Since Hannah Strickland ‘14 started as Hillsdale College’s social media manager two years ago, the college’s social media plat­forms have grown to reach more than 1.8 million people per month, according to Brad Lowrey, director of digital mar­keting and social media.

Later this year, however, there will be a new operator behind Hillsdale College’s various social media plat­forms. In June, Strickland is getting married and moving to Chicago, leaving behind a big role to fill.

Strickland said the goal is making each of Hillsdale’s social media — Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pin­terest — more con­ver­sa­tional, and she said she’s proud of what they’ve become.

“It’s been a neat expe­rience to watch our audi­ences grow and get to talk to people from all over the world about the liberal arts and the Con­sti­tution,” Strickland said. “People say you don’t really get Hillsdale until you come to campus, so we’re trying to give people a taste of that com­munity feeling through our social media by inter­acting with them and being a really inter­esting brand to talk to.”

Con­versing with others through social media has been the most rewarding part of the job, Strickland said.

“We’re talking to all of those people about the things that matter: the higher things and the liberal arts,” she said. “Social media gives us the ability to talk to more people than the ones who come to campus or go to our events.”

It’s not a one-person job, though, Strickland said. The mar­keting team works together to radiate Hillsdale’s mission through its online presence.

“I have amazing student workers, and Brad Lowrey has taught me so much about social media,” she said. “We have this amazing team, and we’re all pas­sionate about telling the stories of the college.”

Junior Josh Lieb­hauser — who has worked for Strickland for nearly a year — calls his boss “approachable, kind, and always available to help.”

“She encouraged me to always contact her with ques­tions, and she has always equipped each of the student workers with all the tools needed to perform well,” Lieb­hauser said in an email. “Her work has done much to market Hillsdale’s brands, and, in my expe­rience, she is always inno­vating and refining her approach to gain the most pos­itive inter­action on our content.”

Now, the mar­keting department is looking for another team member. Lowrey said the department is con­ducting an internal search, which includes grad­u­ating stu­dents from both the under­graduate and graduate schools. The internal posting is open through Feb. 24, Lowrey said, and anyone inter­ested in applying may contact Sharon Lucas, hiring assistant and student employment coor­di­nator.

Lowrey said the ever-changing nature of social media means the department is looking for cre­ative and inno­v­ative can­di­dates with strong writing skills.

“Our timeline will be to begin inter­views in the next few weeks and then hire someone afterward, the goal being that we have a few months of overlap for onboarding before Hannah leaves,” Lowrey said in an email.

Strickland said the role as social media manager is a huge respon­si­bility — which she doesn’t take lightly — and she said she’s hopeful for her suc­cessor.

“I just hope whoever it is loves the college as much as I do and loves talking about it as much as I do, because that’s the thing I love so much about working in this industry for Hillsdale College — I get to talk about the college all day long,” Strickland said. “I’ve gotten a better under­standing of the college, so I hope the next person gets that, too. I hope they get this greater appre­ci­ation for what Hillsdale does for the country. I’ll be praying for that person.”