Own­ership of House of Pizza and BBQ changed hands over the summer, but the taste of the smokehouse’s food and its sig­nature look have remained intact.

On July 11th, former owner Greg Mauldon finalized the sale of his restaurant to Key Oppor­tu­nities Inc., a company that helps provide work expe­rience oppor­tu­nities for the hand­i­capped or oth­erwise dis­abled.

Though Mauldon said he enjoyed owning the restaurant, he was strug­gling to manage both it and Mauldon Brothers Con­struction, LLC, another company he owns.

“On one hand, I didn’t want to sell, but I felt like it needed a full-time owner,” Mauldon said. “We were doing so well that I couldn’t take care of the restaurant and my con­struction business- I needed an owner that would come in and spend more time than I could.”

Mauldon said he hoped the new owner would con­tinue what he began in April of 2013, espe­cially con­sid­ering the amount of success he said his business has seen, and is happy Key Oppor­tu­nities is keeping his vision alive.

Cas­sandra Neino, manager of the restaurant, said she was hired back by Key Oppor­tu­nities after working for a year under Mauldon. She worked through the tran­sition, and con­firmed that the new owners have changed vir­tually nothing about the business.

“The recipes stayed the same, and even most of or all of the employees have stayed,” Neino said. “Every­thing came with the building. The menu is the same, the pricing is the same, and it’s just a dif­ferent face, that’s all.”

Julie Boyce, exec­utive director of Key Oppor­tu­nities, said she and her orga­ni­zation were ini­tially inter­ested in the business because of the oppor­tu­nities it would provide for the people she and her staff work with, as well as being fond of the food and the business itself.

“We work with indi­viduals with dis­abil­ities, and we started a training course for cooking a year ago,” Boyce said. “It teaches them how to cook and about food safety pro­ce­dures, the idea being we would start or buy a business to enable them to put their skills to work. The biggest barrier was trans­portation, so we looked at a place downtown, and when House of Pizza and BBQ came up for sale, we decided it was a great fit.”