Scott Lantis ‘13 is living his childhood dream by working for the NFL’s Denver Broncos.
As Coor­di­nator of Special Events and Pro­motion, Lantis works directly with media for events like player appear­ances and any other pro­motion that involves the Broncos orga­ni­zation. Lantis also keeps in con­stant com­mu­ni­cation with popular local sta­tions including the Denver Post and Channel 9 News.
Fol­lowing his grad­u­ation, Lantis was one of five out of more than a thousand appli­cants that received an internship with the Denver Broncos. He said that securing the internship was influ­enced by a Hillsdale alumnus Tom Heckert ’91, who works as the director of pro­fes­sional per­sonnel for the Broncos. After two months of working on the internship, Lantis applied and landed his current position in the mar­keting department.
“It was very, very for­tunate and I am blessed and thankful that it all worked out this way by God’s grace,” Lantis said.
He credits his edu­cation at Hillsdale College as a crucial part of his success. A marketing/management major, Lantis said that both the business cur­riculum and the core at Hillsdale pre­pared him for the business and cor­porate world.
“When I think of the Great Books, studying the Con­sti­tution or American Her­itage, I think a lot of those things shaped some of the intan­gibles that I hold on to,” Lantis said.
Lantis also said that because of the core cur­riculum and rigor of Hillsdale, he pos­sesses the ability to effec­tively com­mu­nicate with everyone in the pro­fes­sional world.  He said that he firmly believes that his Hillsdale edu­cation has been key to his success.
Lantis men­tioned Pro­fessor of Business Law Robert Blackstock’s classes as a great influence.
“The class, Readings in Power, Lead­ership, and Respon­si­bility, had a pro­found impact on my devel­opment as a young business pro­fes­sional,” Lantis said.
Lantis said he was an avid fan of football and baseball from an early age. One of his childhood heroes was John Elway, the Hall of Fame Broncos quar­terback. His love of sports led him to Hillsdale where he played both baseball and football.
Lantis’ sib­lings, Kendra and Kelsey Lantis, expressed their excitement for their brother. The two, cur­rently freshmen at Hillsdale College, com­mented on how amazing his position is. They also said they remember Scott’s success as a Charger, espe­cially on the baseball diamond.
Both Kendra and Kelsey attended last week’s AFC Cham­pi­onship Game.  Because of Scott’s position with the Broncos, they went onto the field during warm-ups and were close to several elite NFL players.
“The whole expe­rience was pretty unreal,” Kendra said.
Super Bowl 50, which fea­tures the Car­olina Pan­thers and the Denver Broncos, will take place this Sunday night. Lantis will be present and he said that he has heard from the “football side of affairs” that the Broncos are well pre­pared to face the Pan­thers.  Lantis said that he thinks the Broncos will be able to pick up the final win of the NFL season.