Like Bumblee in “Trans­formers,” Hillsdale’s weight room is a whole new animal.

Except instead of a grungy 1977 Chevrolet Camaro turning into a sleek, new model, the old gym turned into a pristine state of the art weight room.

“It was pretty shocking,” senior Matt Eltringham said.

In addition to the remodeled down­stairs weight room, the Jesse Philips Arena was revamped and renamed the Dawn Tib­betts Potter Arena, a golfing practice facility broke ground in Hayden Park, and locker rooms and coaches’ offices were added throughout the George C. Roche Sports Complex.

The weight room is now termed the JAM in honor of the alumni who gifted the remodel to the college: Jared ’10, Aaron ’01, and Morgan Veldheer ’12.

“There’s a sort of fra­ternity of ath­letes at Hillsdale and we need to look out for each other,” Aaron Veldheer said. “It was also a way of saying thank you for the great edu­cation and mentors that Hillsdale pro­vided us.”

The JAM fea­tures new flooring with a large “H” in the center of the room, freshly painted walls, exposed black ceilings, and 25 cus­tomized weight sta­tions. The student-ath­letes’ mantra’s “Arete” (Greek for the pursuit of virtue and excel­lence) and “E.P.E.P.” (Every player, every play) are spelled out in white let­tering on blue medal at the top of each station.

“A weight room is important to all sports, so we knew it would do a lot of good for a great number of teams,” Aaron Veldheer said. “All three of us love the weight room- a couple of pic­tures of Jared in the weight room have gone viral- so it seems fitting.”

After cap­taining the 2009 Hillsdale football team, Jared suited up for the Oakland Raiders for four seasons. This spring he signed as a free agent with the Arizona Car­dinals. Jared’s older brother Aaron was starting point guard for the Hillsdale bas­ketball team for three years, and Jared’s wife Morgan helped lead some of Hillsdale’s most suc­cessful vol­leyball seasons, which included winning three con­sec­utive GLIAC con­ference tour­na­ments.

“They were both great leaders on their team, their paths kind of par­al­leled in a lot of ways,” Aaron said of his brother and sister-in-law.

Arriving for camp on Aug. 14, the football team was first to use the JAM.

“We’re really thankful,” Eltringham said. “It’s been a big force of momentum for our team. Going into a new weight room with nice new speakers- there’s a lot of pos­itive energy.”

Football strength training coach Aaron Shreffler said that the change has boosted effi­ciency in team workouts.

“We can fit 80-plus guys in there and I can coach the same lift at the same time rather than running from spot to spot,” Shreffler said.

The new equipment allows players to do a majority of their workout without leaving the sta­tions because each con­tains a squat rack, platform, and bench.

While he enjoys the final product, football head coach Keith Otterbein said the JAM is not 100 percent com­pleted.

“Some fat­heads and a really cool sign along the front wall would really be the icing on the cake,” Otterbein said. “The fat­heads will really make the room pop.”

The JAM was built with the varsity ath­letes in mind. However, it will open to stu­dents and the com­munity starting Sept. 4.

Con­struction on the main stadium in the Dawn Tib­betts Potter Arena is planned to be fin­ished for the first home vol­leyball match on Sept. 12. The expected com­pletion date for the rest of the project is Oct. 1, Ath­letic Director Don Brubacher said.

The new addi­tions include a large rock climbing wall that rises at the base of the Fitness Center. The wall will be able to accom­modate nine climbers at a time.

The mez­zanine above the fitness center will serve as a spa­cious exercise room.

With the help of col­lapsible walls, the room can be split into three dif­ferent areas, and all three sec­tions include flat screen TVs for people to play workout videos. A room to the left of the exercise space will hold a golf sim­u­lator, and the room to the right will be reserved as a cycling area, com­plete with a raised platform in the corner for instructors.

In addition to office space for the vol­leyball and bas­ketball coaches, the arena also holds new locker rooms for the men’s bas­ketball team, and the women’s vol­leyball and bas­ketball teams. The old locker rooms are now acces­sible to stu­dents and the com­munity and one will be used for offi­cials on game days.

The court at the end of the arena will host home bas­ketball games and vol­leyball matches. New indi­vidual seating spans 360 degrees around the court and can accom­modate up to 2,200 spec­tators.

“We are def­i­nitely in the top tier of Division II in terms of facil­ities now,” Brubacher said, making sure to point out the raised platform seating areas and the crow’s nest.

Behind the crow’s nest, a film area, the old dance studio is being con­verted into a Pres­i­dential suite and a Hall of Fame room.

At Hayden Park the college is building an outdoor practice facility which will include a 330 yard driving range, a putting and chipping green, and sand traps.

New outdoor tennis courts are also in the works and will be com­pleted next spring or summer.

And a teaser for all current Chargers: the destruction of the old tennis courts will make room for an indoor turf arena.

“While it will mainly be for softball and baseball during the off-season, the pos­si­bil­ities are endless- lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, soccer- I contend it will be the most popular exercise space on campus in the winter. Stu­dents will overrun it, which will be absolutely fan­tastic,” Brubacher said.

So go check out the revamped sports complex. You’ll surely be left gaping in awe like Sam Witwicky back in 2007.