This semester will con­clude Pro­fessor of Pol­itics David Bobb’s tenure as the exec­utive director of citizen edu­cation for the Allan P. Kirby Jr. Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship. His next venture sits one state away as pres­ident of the Bill of Rights Institute in Arlington, Va.

In 1996, Bobb grad­uated from Hillsdale College as a pol­itics major. He con­tinued his edu­cation at Boston College where he received his Ph.D in political phi­losophy. After school, Bobb was as an edu­cation policy analyst at the Pioneer Institute in Mass­a­chu­setts until he was asked to teach on the Hillsdale College main campus.

In 2008, Bobb returned to the East Coast to oversee the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program and carry out the vision of the Kirby Center on behalf of Hillsdale College.

“David is one of the first people I hired when I came here,” Pres­ident Larry Arnn said. “He has served faith­fully and effec­tively for more than a decade.  He helped get the Kirby Center underway. He has con­tributed to our teacher training pro­grams and the building of our charter school efforts.  We will miss him, and we wish him every good thing in his new post.”

Bobb’s passion for instructing young people in Con­sti­tu­tional studies will remain in his job description. The Bill of Rights Institute has a network of nearly 20,000 teachers nationwide and reaches out to high school stu­dents.

Andy Gillette, director or program devel­opment at the Bill of Rights Institute, met Bobb at the con­ference about teaching civic virtue to young people.

“I was struck by his elo­quence and clarity of thought around the idea of the impor­tance of teaching the prin­ciples that America was founded upon to today’s stu­dents,” Gillette said. “It’s evident he deeply cares about these issues, and has devoted his life to advancing the ideas that are central to the Bill of Rights Institute’s mission of cre­ating a con­sti­tu­tional culture in the United States.”

His job will entail reaching more teachers and stu­dents with the words and ideas of the Founders and iden­ti­fying donors who can help develop out­reach strategy.

“I am excited about this new oppor­tunity,” Bobb said. “After 12 years of working for my alma mater, I will miss all of my won­derful col­leagues at the college, as well as the stu­dents. I look forward, however, to con­tinuing to work side-by-side with Hillsdale to improve liberal learning and civil edu­cation throughout the country.”