Stu­dents cel­e­brate Easter at an off-campus home in 2021. Sofia Krusmark | Collegian

Easter is a time not only for cel­e­bration but for com­munity and fel­lowship with friends and family. While some stu­dents were able to head home for the short weekend, others did not have the ability to travel home. 

Sophomore Char­lotte Gan­non’s family traveled up from Vir­ginia to visit her for Easter. Gannon said her family rented a house in Hillsdale to cel­e­brate both the holiday and Gannon’s birthday. 

“We decided to spend it here because it allowed us to be together the longest,” Gannon said. “If my sister and I flew or drove back to Vir­ginia, most of the weekend would have been spent traveling.”

Gannon said when at home, she and her family always dec­orate eggs on Holy Sat­urday, go to church for Easter Sunday, and listen to Handel’s “Messiah.”

“Of course, I still miss being home for Easter. I didn’t get to see my friends or the people at our home church,” Gannon said. “I didn’t mind staying in Hillsdale though. Seeing my family was what was most important to me.”

Freshman Eliz­abeth Hansch went to Lake Huron and rented a cabin for Easter break with friends. 

“Sunday was my favorite day. We woke up to watch the sunrise over the beach, had a morning bible study, and went to a church service,” Hansch said. 

The group dyed eggs, made water­color paintings, and, in the evening, walked along the beach. 

“I was a little nervous that spending my first Easter away from home would be hard,” Hansch said. “While I missed my family, the time we spent together this weekend was just as special, and the trip was one of the high­lights of my freshman year.”

Sophomore Olivia Hajicek went home to her family in Northern Indiana for the weekend. Hajicek said she enjoyed getting together with family and friends and being able to catch up with members of her church. 

“One of our family friends who lives out of state came back to visit for Easter and came to church with us,” Hajicek said. “I didn’t know she was going to be there, but it was really cool that she was back the same Sunday as I was.”

Hajicek also said one of her other friends from church who had been suf­fering from a sprained ankle was healed after Hajicek and a group of her friends prayed over her three times. 

“Every time we prayed, it got better and better. And then the third time that we prayed for her she said there was no pain at all. And she sat down and took off her bandage and then got up and walked around. It was absolutely amazing,” Hajicek said.