Former vis­iting pro­fessor Samuel Negus looks forward to returning to Hillsdale.
Courtesy | Jordyn Pair

Former Vis­iting Assistant Pro­fessor of History Samuel Negus will return to campus in the fall to con­tinue in his role as the director of the program and cur­riculum review in the provost’s office, according to Dean of Faculty Mark Kalthoff.

“I’m excited to return to Hillsdale,” Negus said. “I really liked the rela­tionship that stu­dents built with pro­fessors and the fact that con­ver­sa­tions con­tinue outside of the classroom.”

Negus was a vis­iting pro­fessor of history at the college from 2013 to 2016. Prior to that, he attended graduate school at Texas Christian Uni­versity, where he studied alongside Vis­iting Assistant Pro­fessor of History Miles Smith IV.

Negus sub­sti­tuted for Dean of the Social Sci­ences Paul Moreno during Moreno’s time teaching at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship, he said.

“I found that the school emphasis on the core was some­thing the stu­dents and the pro­fessors loved,” he said.

After Hillsdale, Negus taught at Atlanta Clas­sical Academy, a K‑12, tuition-free charter school estab­lished by the Barney Charter School Ini­tiative. Negus said he wants to con­tinue teaching the kind of liberal arts edu­cation that Hillsdale offered.

While Negus said he loved the school cur­riculum, he said he was eager for an oppor­tunity to return to Hillsdale.

“You go into edu­cation and then see your love of it not being ful­filled,” Negus said. “When I came to Hillsdale, I saw how learning is sup­posed to be done.”

As the director of program and cur­riculum review, Negus said he will work on the college’s accreditation. 

Negus said he has no plans to teach, but he may get involved with the history department in the future.

“I’m thrilled that Dr. Negus is returning to Hillsdale,” Smith said. “He’ll provide the provost’s office with intensity, hard work, and a better knowledge of second-rate English football teams than any other col­le­giate admin­is­trative office in Michigan.”