Admis­sions’ interns pose in front of Central Hall. Courtesy | Hillsdale College Admis­sions Instagram

The Admis­sions Department expects admission rates for the fall class of freshman to be similar to last year’s rate of 23%, according to Senior Director of Admis­sions Zachary Miller.

“Last year, we saw a pretty massive increase from the year before in appli­ca­tions to the college,” Miller said. “We’re seeing a fairly con­sistent trend with that, which means a lot of appli­ca­tions for not a lot of spots.”

College Decision Day for high school seniors is May 1, so Miller said it is too soon to announce the size of the class of 2026. Last year, the yield rate — the per­centage of admitted stu­dents who chose to enroll — was con­sid­erably higher than in past years, leading to the biggest freshman class in college history.

“We get a lot of stu­dents who say they’re coming in those final two to three weeks before May 1,” Miller said. “It could go a number of dif­ferent ways, but we’re working on financial aid packages with stu­dents and recruiting the top ones. We will have a great class for sure.”

The college has no plans to grow enrollment or have an increased number of stu­dents in the 2026 class, Miller said, but there con­tinues to be strong interest in the college.

“We have had an awesome pool of appli­cants for this fall, and we can’t wait to welcome our new freshmen to campus in August,” admis­sions coun­selor Reagan Dugan said. 

Miller said the college has seen a sig­nif­icant increase in the amount of prospective student visits to campus.

“We are seeing our visit reg­is­tra­tions filled to capacity for visit days and for indi­vidual visits,” he said. “There’s high interest in vis­iting campus and we’ve been able to welcome a ton of stu­dents this year, which has been a blessing. We appre­ciate the oppor­tunity to show them Hillsdale, and I know that when they get a good sense of what Hillsdale is. They can make the best decision about whether or not it’s the right fit for their college.”

Miller attributed the large interest in the college in its com­mitment to its founding ideals.

“Hillsdale is being true to its mission and remaining true to its prin­ciples and stu­dents are attracted to that,” he said. “They yearn for a strong clas­sical liberal arts edu­cation. Also, the national out­reach of what Hillsdale does across the country spreads the news about Hillsdale to more families.”

Moira For­rester, a senior at the Geneva School, a clas­sical Christian school in Orlando, Florida, said she looks forward to joining the class of 2026 in the fall. She is excited to attend the college like her father, Scott For­rester, and sister, sophomore Kiri Forrester.

“I heard about Hillsdale from my dad when I was a kid, and so I prac­ti­cally grew up hearing all about it,” For­rester said. “Of course, my decision couldn’t be purely based on stories, so when Kiri started vis­iting col­leges in 2019 and 2020, I tagged along. Hillsdale started to stand out to me as what you might call a ‘diamond in the rough’ from other col­leges, and when I really felt assured was at Kiri’s convocation.”

For­rester said she looks forward to many aspects of the Hillsdale expe­rience, including having a roommate. 

“I feel nothing but excitement about coming to Hillsdale,” she said. “The people, the edu­cation, the weather, and the overall culture of the school is just amazing, and I’m so glad to be going into it knowing some people at the campus already. I look forward to all the new faces, new things I learn, and new memories.”

Miller said he expects the incoming freshman to stand out in the classroom.

“We go through a pretty painstaking process to try and interview or meet with as many of those stu­dents as pos­sible,” he said. “They’re going to be great class­mates. They’re going to be great stu­dents to teach in the classroom, and they’re going to con­tribute in mean­ingful ways to the campus.”