Graduating from pasta “al studente”

After college, the monotonous “pasta al studente” will lose its rustic charm and your stomach will want you to branch out without breaking the bank.

Seven ‘snack hacks’ to spice up your meal plan

You’re here at Hillsdale in the midst of winter with nothing to do but study Plato and hope for more than allegories and forms. You want to eat.

A Californian’s Guide to Staying Warm

When I told people from back home that I was moving to Michigan for college, almost everyone replied, “You know it’s cold there, right?”

Winter Break in Photos

Some students found the courage to not press “continue watching” on Netflix and got out of bed to explore with their extra free time.

Ten Horror Movies To See Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Dow Journalism Director John Miller gives his top ten favorite horror movies.

Eagles Explained: Why Chargers are in love with eagles

Hillsdale is home to dozens of eagles, with a total of 27 currently on display.

Student petition against music department emails

When sophomore Haley Hauprich received five emails in one morning from Howard Music Department, she decided to make a change — a petition,...

GVSU students threatened arrest for handing out constitutions, Arnn shares his thoughts

Grand Valley State University campus security threatened students with arrest for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus earlier this month. Members of...

Student Post-Election Sentiments

In a country of government for the people and by the people, who better to hear about the election from than the voters themselves? We chose this, America, now what do we have to say about it? Four students give their take.

Five Endearing things about Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College brings together people from all over the world and wraps them in a campus and community that students and professors alike call home.


First comes President's Ball, then comes marriage . . .

– a comic by Joel Haines