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A.J.’s Cafe and Jitters Coffee Cart

By | Tom Novelly

What drink on the menu best describes your style?
A.J.’s Cafe — Christina Dressel: Anything hot.
Jitters Coffee Cart — Molly Andrews: An Americano, it’s straightforward and requires no thought.
What do you wear to stick out in your uniform or to make it unique?
Dressel: My nametag that says “Christina.” It’s one of a kind.
Andrews: Usually some jewelry, a sweater on occasion, chunky glasses, and — of course — great music to jazz up the work environment.
What’s your go-to fashion out of uniform?
Dressel: Black pants and blue polo.
Andrews: Lots of layers. I want to feel like I’m in pajamas. I’ll pair a shift dress with comfy tennis shoes and a jean jacket. It’s PJ-chic.
What is your personality put in a snack?
Dressel: Chicken tenders ’cause I’m always out of it.
Andrews: Coffee is a snack. It’s either really energetic or it’s “the cry of desperation.” It’s versatile, like my style.
What does AJ’s/Jitters uniform mean to you?
Dressel: It means that I can afford more beer than I could yesterday.
Andrews: It’s paradoxically a sign of our independence. We cling to that blue polo because it is what makes us free.