Valor and values: Senior designs Civil War showcase

More than 400 students left Hillsdale to fight for the Union — a higher percentage than any other western college. Of those, three became...

Cashiering for the late-night Wal-Mart crowd

Three hours into his graveyard shift at the Jonesville Wal-Mart, Sage Snoes, 23, gets 15 minutes for a coffee and two cigarettes. “I can...

Senior researches two cardiac drugs

At least 2.7 million Americans are affected by a heart condition called atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood...

A criminal’s cave in Hillsdale County

As stories have their way, they get bigger, taller, more true to the intent of the storyteller than to the facts. In local legends,...

Dancing with family and sugar plum fairies

The orchestra played as the curtains closed upon a young lady, who in that moment lived a dream of many young performers. This young girl...

A Thai tradition in Hillsdale

Prapai Ringenberg, affectionately known to those in the community as Pai, leaned back in a faded blue chair in one of Hillsdale’s beloved hole-in-the-wall...

‘Boots-on-the-ground’ admissions attracts Californian students

Over the past three decades, Hillsdale has accepted more and more students from states as distant as Texas, Colorado, and California as a result...

The perks and pay of on-campus jobs

At least 35 percent of students on campus work, some as many as four or more different jobs according to Assistant Director of Career...

Hillsdale leads the state in Platoon Leadership Class size

Hillsdale has more students training to be Marine officers than any other college or university in Michigan, according to the Marine’s Ann Arbor Officer...

Alpha Omega: A Hillsdale haven

Shawn Noblit has a calm, pleasant demeanor — the type of person who puts you at ease. But she’s resolved and organized, too, and...


Fiona Kelly

By | Chandler Lasch

Describe your style.
My style could be described as a mix between comfy/casual and hipster/grunge.
What is your favorite color to wear?
Darker, more earthy tones, army green, a deep mustard yellow, or maroon are my go-tos.
What is your favorite piece of clothing?
I love wearing oversized sweaters and flannels. Anything comfy and cute.
Do you have a favorite historical era for fashion?
I love the 90s fashion era.
Where do you like to shop?
I’m a sucker for a good thrift store or small boutique. Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange are my faves. But online or at a mall, I shop at Missguided, Topshop, Zara, and Brandy Melville.
Who inspires your fashion taste?
My sister definitely inspires me most.
Do you have a favorite outfit or piece?
Navy blue suit, blue suspenders, brown leather shoes, red and blue tie, Republican elephant cufflinks, a racehorse tie tack my grandfather gave me, and my stainless-steel Fossil watch.