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#SB2K18 Chic

Com­piled by | Jo Kroeker


Seniors Claudia Sladick, Emma Carville, Callie Ring, Mehgan Cain, and Maria Theisen spent spring break together in the Sunishe State. Callie Ring | Courtesy

What fashion oppor­tu­nities do you have in Florida that you don’t in Hillsdale?

Mehgan Cain: We had the oppor­tunity to wear swim­suits. I don’t think that would be acceptable to do on campus.

Maria Theisen: Hillsdale really only allows for a parka until the end of March, so being able to wear shorts and summer dresses was a new oppor­tunity, you could say.

What do you do to stand out from all the other spring breakers in Florida?

Mehgan Cain: To stand out from all the other spring breakers, we stayed in almost every night and did little to socialize.

Callie Ring: Our going out and bar shoes con­sisted of Birken­stocks and tennis shoes.

Maria Theisen: We burned really badly, does that count?

Emma Carville: Our everyday look con­sisted of ter­rible sun­burns, so ya know, that probably helped us stand out.

What do you have to con­sider in planning outfits? How long did it take you to pack?

Mehgan Cain: In planning outfits, we had to con­sider every pos­sible imag­inable weather sce­nario between the range of 60 to 80 and sunny. We tried on every single outfit we packed. I don’t think any of us ended up wearing any more than 1/4 of the clothes we packed.

Maria Theisen: It was a bit of picking your favorite things because they’re going back in the closet until June probably.