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New Year, New Beards

By | Abigail Leali

Assistant Professor of Theology, Religion, and Philosophy Jordan Wales

What made you decide to grow a beard?

My son wanted me to have a beard like Dr. Lindley in the English department… [Also,] a few years ago, my wife liked the beard, but it didn’t get long enough… but this year, my son wanted me to look like Dr. Lindley, so instead of making it a three-week project, I decided to make it a two-month project.


Do you believe growing a beard has affected the way you are perceived as a professor?

I don’t know; that’s a great question. Maybe it helps me to feel more confident, because it’s like looking through a visor on a suit of armor. I would respect a man wearing a suit of armor.


Do you have any styling or shaving tips for prospective beard-growers?

Dylan: Go through the awkward phase during a period of time when you don’t have a lot of human contact… I suggest over the summer.  Also, keep the neck trimmed… people like clean facial hair more than they do ratty facial hair.


Shad: Also, quick tip: It’s a great way to disguise weight gain… If you want to hide a weak or double chin, a beard will do the trick.


Were you going for the lumberjack or the Tony Stark look?

Shad: Lumberjack all the way!  I am from Washington State; lumber is in my bloodstream… You have to have the ease and grace of Iron Man to properly have the Tony Stark look.

David: Because I’m incapable of growing the lumberjack, [I would] lean more towards the Tony Stark look. At least that’s the aesthetic I’m going for, though I think it’s getting a little bit out of hand.

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