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Ernesta Drinker and the ‘Gulls at Leland’

You’ve walked by that frac­tured painting of the tall woman in the yellow dress many times. Perhaps you’ve won­dered: what hap­pened to her calves? Lecturer… 

Mark Maier, book buyer

Every great library starts with a single book. For Senior Assistant to the Provost Mark Maier, it was only a matter of time before… 

Eat, sleep, dirt, repeat: Kramer makes a pre-med pit stop at a dirt plant

In the fall of 2020, Gabe Kramer ’20 woke up every day at 5 a.m., drank his coffee, packed his lunch, and went up… 

The Collegian: Heralding Truth, Gossip, and Barrett’s Beta pin

Campus-wide humil­i­ation was a rational — and weekly — fear for Hillsdale stu­dents of the mid-20th century.  “T’other day little Miss Rhea Horst took a tumble in front campus… 

QUICK HITS: Scot Bertram

What’s your least favorite sport to watch? Soccer. Do you have a bucket list? I don’t. But I have made a New Year’s resolution… 

The Doc is still in: 37-year veteran of military history returns for swan-song semester

Retirement is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of the open highway — a popular, unat­tributed quote reads. For Tom Conner, recently… 

‘The Last Full Measure’: Freshman turns radio series into self-published book

Freshman Carter McNish walked along the same trenches where Hillsdale stu­dents won medals of honor for fighting in the Civil War. Looking at Hillsdale… 

From pursuing the good to teaching it

As the spring semester nears its end, current Hillsdale seniors are exploring post-grad­u­ation career options. Like many grad­uates before them, a large number of… 

The man behind the milk: dob takes spring spirit week by storm

Muddy Waters Stadium erupted into emphatic chants as Dob Kinz chugged a gallon of chocolate milk in the middle of the field. “Dob! Dob!… 

QUICK HITS: Donald Fox

What is one trend from your teenage years you wish would come back? None. It was the 80s, man. Painful times. It was a time… 


Campus Chic: Senior Emily Barnum

Com­piled by | Rowan Macwan

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, senior Emily Barnum sports her Birken­stocks and socks. Rowan Macwan | Collegian

How do you describe your style?

Classic and Casual. You know, like decent looking without trying. Natural.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Lillian Quinones. She’s a babe, she’s cute, she says her mom buys her clothes.

Does your mom buy your clothes?

Yes. Some of my favorite pieces are my mom’s.

Tell me about your footwear.

My Birken­stocks have been every­where with me. Indonesia, Greece, Dallas, Olds. They’re falling to pieces; they’re just so loved. I’ve had them for going on three years.

Why do you love them?

They’re ver­satile and practical. 

Would you call yourself ver­satile and practical?

Yes. They’re also like mom or hip teenager.

How long have you tried to embody the “mom or hip teen” look?

Probably forever. It’s just who I am. Or when I fol­lowed Hannah Fleming as Head RA of Olds.

You are going to be the House Mom of Benzing next year. How do you think that will change your fashion?

I still wanna look nice. I’m also man­aging the coffee shop, so I’ll probably play up the bookish cof­feeshop mom look.

What do you think of style at Hillsdale?

We have the spectrum. I feel like at other col­leges they just have the college girl with the sweater and the leg­gings. Here we have the young pro­fes­sional and like the I’m gonna smoke and drink all the time.

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