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Campus Chic: Senior Emily Barnum

Com­piled by | Rowan Macwan

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, senior Emily Barnum sports her Birken­stocks and socks. Rowan Macwan | Col­legian

How do you describe your style?

Classic and Casual. You know, like decent looking without trying. Natural.

Do you have any fashion icons?

Lillian Quinones. She’s a babe, she’s cute, she says her mom buys her clothes.

Does your mom buy your clothes?

Yes. Some of my favorite pieces are my mom’s.

Tell me about your footwear.

My Birken­stocks have been every­where with me. Indonesia, Greece, Dallas, Olds. They’re falling to pieces; they’re just so loved. I’ve had them for going on three years.

Why do you love them?

They’re ver­satile and prac­tical.

Would you call yourself ver­satile and prac­tical?

Yes. They’re also like mom or hip teenager.

How long have you tried to embody the “mom or hip teen” look?

Probably forever. It’s just who I am. Or when I fol­lowed Hannah Fleming as Head RA of Olds.

You are going to be the House Mom of Benzing next year. How do you think that will change your fashion?

I still wanna look nice. I’m also man­aging the coffee shop, so I’ll probably play up the bookish cof­feeshop mom look.

What do you think of style at Hillsdale?

We have the spectrum. I feel like at other col­leges they just have the college girl with the sweater and the leg­gings. Here we have the young pro­fes­sional and like the I’m gonna smoke and drink all the time.

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