Shakespeare in the Arb shakes it up with ‘Taming of the Shrew’

Springtime in Hillsdale: The sidewalk ice thaws, the snow turns to sleet, then to rain, then to sunshine, and as the students begin bravely...

Tower Dancers perform annual concert

The Tower Dancers’ 2016-17 season came to a close this weekend after their annual concert, which featured a dance set to music derived from radio...

Father John Misty’s new album provides unexpected entertainment

On the fourth track of his debut album, “Fear Fun,” Father John Misty croons, “I’ll never leave the canyon, ’cause I’m surrounded on all...

‘Birzer Bandana’ ties together science fiction, apocalyptic poetry, and British prog-rock

Theology, intellectual rock, and the liberal arts — these are three main elements of the debut album by Birzer Bandana, a collaboration between progressive...

Knecht connects cows, chess, and musical cognition

Human short-term memory only has a capacity for five to seven items — like the digits of a phone number — yet expert musicians...

Seniors in the spotlight: Tower Dancers share their perspective on their final dance...

The curtain may have fallen on their time with the Tower Dancers, but their potential has just begun to be unveiled. Three senior Tower Dancers...

Dienstagsschmaus: A tasty Tuesday tradition

Imagine a dinner table filled with sausage, currywurst, and cheese spreads, surrounded by a number of students having conversations with one another in their...

Philos Project premieres new documentary about journalism in Gaza, Israel

The Philos Project, which has funded multiple Hillsdale College trips to Israel, teamed up with HonestReporting, a media watchdog for anti-Semitic journalism, to co-host screenings of this documentary, most notably one at King’s College, a New York-based journalism school.

Drums of Thunder rolls into McNamara

Two of Hillsdale College’s most talented drummers will be featured this Saturday in the Percussion Ensemble performance, Drums of Thunder, at 8 p.m. in...

‘The rest is silence’: ‘Star Wars’ defeats ‘Hamlet’ in movie- and drama-themed Mossey Madness

While North Carolina celebrates its win over Gonzaga in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, Hillsdale’s own March Madness just announced the winners. The...


See how Hillsdalians keep up with the culture:

– Compiled by Joe Pappalardo

Fast-forward to Fall 2017

Which class are you looking forward to most next semester?

John Gage, Junior:


I am ecstatic for Dr. Rahe’s class on the Constitutional Convention. It will be my senior year and I have yet to take a Rahe class, but I have heard many wonderful things about his classes.

Andrea Wallace, Junior:


I’m really stoked for Advanced Wilderness Survival. The first Wilderness Survival course kindled a love of fire-starting, flint-knapping, and herbal medicine in me. I know Mr. Kellan will bring the heat with advanced curriculum, especially since he has a lit reputation in the Pathfinder Survival School, but he takes the time to answer all of our burning questions. All in all, I can’t wait to lite the fire of learning in that class next semester.

David Stewart, Professor of History:


History of Spain, which illustrates how a deeply conservative and Christian people responded to events (industrialization, nationalism, communism, socialism, etc.) in very different ways than those in the familiar Anglo-American narrative.

Marina Bostelman, Sophomore:


I’m really excited about the Researching Family History seminar. There’s a legend in my family that we’re related to Cy Young on my dad’s side, and this is the perfect opportunity to really look into it and see if it’s true (or not). I’ve never attempted to research my own family tree like this before, and I think it’ll be really fascinating.