Study Break

Study Break

Five Endearing things about Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College brings together people from all over the world and wraps them in a campus and community that students and professors alike call home.

The Christmas Music Controversy

Putting the more unusual opinions aside, four students gave their passionate take on the correct time to begin playing Christmas music.

#hillsdaletwitter reacts to Monday’s Presidential Debate

In the midst of homework and studying for exams, many Hillsdale students still found time to join the estimated 100 mil. people watching Monday's Presidential Debate on TV and newer digital mediums like YouTube streaming.

Seven Homecoming Weekend Instagram highlights

As Hillsdale College celebrated its one-hundredth homecoming, social media blew up with pictures of students and alumni donned in their Charger blue and white, ready to show pride in their second home, Hillsdale.

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