Study Break

Study Break

Millennial professors speak out on millennials

The Millennial Generation covers a wide span of ages — anyone born from 1982-2004 — and it's easy to forget that college students aren't the only...

Five ways Hillsdale students are participating in Lent

Many Hillsdale College students are participating in the Christian tradition of Lent.

The long and glorious tradition of Overheard at Hillsdale College

Ask any student where to find the best Hillsdale humor, and they’ll direct you to Overheard at Hillsdale College.

Four unusual hobbies of Hillsdale students

Some Hillsdale students have gone beyond the mainstream to find their preferred niches. These students opt for impressively uncommon and surprising hobbies.

Seven ‘snack hacks’ to spice up your meal plan

You’re here at Hillsdale in the midst of winter with nothing to do but study Plato and hope for more than allegories and forms. You want to eat.