Chargers perfect in pre-conference play

Over the past two weeks, the Hillsdale men’s basketball team improved to a 3-0 season, beating St. Joseph’s College and Lewis University and continuing...

Mirth 31st at Nationals

S even and a half minutes into the race, sophomore Joshua Mirth was trapped in the middle of the field – about 90th in the...

Chargers fight for top spot in South Division

Tonight the Hillsdale men's basketball team will face their biggest challenge of the season.

Charger Chatter: Gus Hemingway

  When athletic trainer Gus Hemingway is not repairing Hillsdale’s athletes, he’s out ripping up single track on his mountain bike. He is a sponsored...

Indoor track sets four new school records

Sprinting down the runway, planting, and then jumping – up, up, up, then over – and senior Chelsea Wackernagel shattered the school record for the indoor track pole vault.