Purposeful protest

Some say protests don’t make a difference. Honestly, unless the protest is novel, I tend to agree.  This year’s March for Life was its...

State of the citizenry

If the events of the past few years have demonstrated anything, it is this: America’s politicians, sadly of both parties, have contributed more to the creation of problems than to their solutions.

The Collegian Weekly

Around midnight on Tuesday, water gushed out of the ceiling of the Grewcock Student Union and posts flooded social media. Reactions ranged from amusement...

Eisenhower memorial isn’t like Ike

The plan for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, designed by Frank Gehry, involves erecting a life-size statue of Eisenhower — as a seven-year-old surrounded by 80-foot poles with attached mesh curtains depicting the Midwest. It’s a nonsensical, avant-garde approach to remembering one of history’s most notable traditionalists.

Guns, facts, and the Founding Fathers

The war against guns is back. Predictably, gun control advocates are channeling the anger and frustration of Americans into an opportunity to promote their...