DSP is no animal house

The brothers of DSP realize what the house means for the fraternity and are currently doing all they can, whether that means making sure the house stays clean or by meeting with members of administration, to insure that it exists as a positive symbol for years to come.

Love and politics

... provides a powerful contrast to our current president, who has broken his promises, supported the reckless killing of fetuses — without knowing whether they are human or not — and restricted free markets, prolonging a devastating recession.

Purposeful protest

Some say protests don’t make a difference. Honestly, unless the protest is novel, I tend to agree.  This year’s March for Life was its...

State of the citizenry

If the events of the past few years have demonstrated anything, it is this: America’s politicians, sadly of both parties, have contributed more to the creation of problems than to their solutions.

The Collegian Weekly

Around midnight on Tuesday, water gushed out of the ceiling of the Grewcock Student Union and posts flooded social media. Reactions ranged from amusement...