Market Tavern delayed by MLCC

The opening of the Market Tavern, which had been slated for Feb. 1, has been delayed. The Market Tavern is a planned expansion of the...

Wellness workouts take off

On Friday, the Health and Wellness Club of Hillsdale College unveiled the new Health and Wellness portal. The site, which can be accessed by selecting the “Committees” link on the student homepage, offers a myriad of options for students looking to improve their well-being.

APEE Brief

Sophomores Abby Loxton and Brett Wierenga’s papers were judged good enough for presentation at a national conference.

From paper envelopes to twitter: Matt Resch ‘97 shares his social media story

Matthew Resch ’97 is the founder of Resch Strategies, a public relations and social media firm in Lansing, Mich. The former history major and political science minor spoke at the 2012 Michigan Press Association Annual Convention on how newspapers can make social media work for them. The Collegian caught up with him afterward to find out how he went from Hillsdale student to successful social media guru.Resch just finished an eight year term on the Hillsdale alumni board.

Key to the Constitution

The Constitution can be a contentious topic at Hillsdale College. Students on campus seem split between two extremes: those who revere the Constitution as a sacred document, genuflecting before each statesman statue on campus, and those who cynically dismiss it as Hillsdale propaganda.