Students attend Reagan Ranch

This past weekend, freshman Savanna Wierenga and sophomore Arielle Mueller flew out to The Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, Calif., to represent Hillsdale...

Galloway holds volunteer competition

In hopes to join the community of Hillsdale and the college, Ben Holscher, a resident assistant on third-floor Galloway, came up with an idea, a friendly competition of sorts.

Off the record: lower the drinking age

After the 26th amendment lowered the voting age to 18 in 1971, 29 states responded by dropping the drinking age to 18, 19, or...

Steady number of off-campus apps

Two hundred seventy-one students applied to live off-campus next year, about the same number as last year, according to thedean of women’s office.

Searching for ‘the stories that people leave behind’

Katie Rose McEneely ’10  said she has always been interested in information—a helpful trait for someone who mastered in library and information science after...