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‘The BFG’: modern fable with a giant heart

While “The BFG” is light on plot, it's it doesn’t skimp on its cinematography with the $140 million budget allowing for stunning visuals.

The ‘Secret Life Of Pets’: Still A Secret

Despite its title, “Pets” doesn’t depict as much of the everyday secret life of pets as one might expect, and would have been a better movie if it had stuck to playing off viewers’ expectations (and fears) of what their pets normally do when the humans are away.

Discrimination is Misunderstood

Discrimination should be a normal aspect of people’s everyday lives. Otherwise, the next time a white male comes up to you and says he’s...

Clarence Thomas Challenges Hillsdale Grads To ‘Lead By Example’

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas Spoke at Hillsdale College on Saturday | Courtesy External Affairs  Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas told...

Professor Muñiz Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Leaving behind a 25-year-long career teaching foreign languages at Hillsdale College, Assistant Professor of Spanish Olga Muñiz died Friday, May 6, after an eight-year...

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