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Biking with the boys: Arnn reflects on 2,400 mile motorcycle journey

There are two things to know before taking a cross-country motorcycle trip. First, take the back roads, not the interstate highways. Second, don’t let...

‘Historic Hillsdale’ is more than a college

Hillsdale College’s  Richard Péwé thinks that Hillsdale’s unofficial city motto, “It’s the People,” doesn’t “say anything about the town,” and that what really stands...

Chargers knock off 16th-ranked Indianapolis

Behind the arm of sophomore quarterback Chance Stewart, the Hillsdale Chargers took down the 16th-ranked Indianapolis Greyhounds 30-24 in front of 2,209 fans at Frank “Muddy” Waters Stadium on Saturday night.

Hillsdale’s highest achievers: Class of 2020 has 30 average on ACT, breaking record

Although they have yet to take their first exam, the 377 men and women in the class of 2020 are already testing well. According to...

It’s not the people anymore

This fall, as a result of two years’ worth of planning with the city and full funding from the college, the city will install two new welcome signs on M-99 that read “Welcome to Historic Hillsdale: Home of Hillsdale College.”