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‘The Kingdom of Speech’ in review: Wolfe’s ‘New Journalism’ is getting old

BAM! A right cross to that sniveling Charles Darwin and his so-called “Theory of Evolution.” Then … WHAP! A slap to Noam Chomsky and...

Trump hires James Sherk ’03 as labor adviser

Another Hillsdale College alumnus has joined the ranks of graduates working in President Donald Trump’s administration. James Sherk ’03 began serving as a White...

Basketball falls to Ferris 87 – 84, knocked out of tournament

The Hillsdale College men’s basketball team outplayed the top-seeded Ferris State Bulldogs for most of Tuesday night’s GLIAC Tournament quarterfinal matchup, but it wasn’t...

Arnn calls Trump a conservative at CPAC speech

Arnn argued the administrative state is the greatest threat to this equality and liberty, but he said he believes that Trump will fight against it.

DeVos says new Dept. of Education will focus on reducing federal overreach in schools

DeVos did not elaborate further on how schools should address transgender students but instead spoke about how the new Education Department seeks to minimize the effect the federal government can have on what happens in the classroom.