Spanish honorary creates cookbook

Natalie Mitchell, junior and Spanish honorary president, is gathering recipes from Hillsdale College faculty to compile an international cookbook.

In Focus: College in poor health

Students develop many of bad eating habits when they get to college. They are constantly stressed and tired, causing them to settle for convenient and processed foods rather than a healthy option. A few changes to a college student’s diet can do wonders for overall health. We need to break habits and incorportate more foods that will boost our metabolisms, increase brain activity, and reduce the effects of stress.

Q & A: Marie-Claire Morellec

Professor of French Marie-Claire Morellec is a native of Brittany, a region in western France. She spoke to The Collegian about French cooking, and...

“Underworld: Awakening,” A Review

Kate Beckinsale, fully armed and leather-clad, returns for her third major contribution to the “Underworld” saga, “Underworld: Awakening.”

Haimovitz: Fusion music with a bow

Music enthusiasts should be sure to attend the cello performance by David Heimevitz this Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Sage Center for the Arts.