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Student Fed again upholds reduced Tower Light budget

In its last meeting of the year, the Student Federation overwhelmingly upheld freezing the Tower Light’s reduced budget, amid pushback, in a 17-1 vote.

QUICK HITS: Bradley Birzer A weekly rapid-fire interview

Where did you attend college? Notre Dame for undergrad. Indiana University for graduate school. How did you propose to your wife? I wrote out...

Catholic Society receives first funding from Student Fed

In an effort to make its yearly silent retreats free of charge, Catholic Society requested and received its first funding from the Student Federation. With...

Fed establishes temporary surplus committee

The Student Federation established a temporary committee to explore possibilities for the budget surplus in their meeting on Oct. 31. The motion was introduced by...

State Health Department recognizes Hillsdale County schools as ‘cardiac-emergency ready’

Three Hillsdale County schools have been designated as cardiac-emergency ready by the Michigan HEARTSafe program: Jonesville High School, Jonesville Middle School, and Hillsdale County...