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Single, sunburned, and stronger for it

As you know, this is the last edition of The Collegian. There are three lessons I gained here at Hillsdale. I wanted to share them before I leave. While they are by no means exhaustive, I think there is some wisdom in them. I hope you find them useful, as I have.

Q&A: Jessica Guertin

This week, The Collegian sat down with Jessica Guertin, a senior history major who plays third base for the Hillsdale College softball team. We asked her about her love of the sport, why she chose Hillsdale, and where she will go next.

Q &A: Blake Scott

Junior Blake Scott is studying international business and Spanish. He is also the president of the firearms club and captain of the Hillsdale College shooting team, which just won the Division III national title.

Nothing to see in this mirror

In my mind, Tarsem Singh was one of the most creative directors of my generation. His 2006 film “The Fall” relies on unknown actors, rich colors, eclectic settings, and brilliant writing. We’re talking about stories within stories on par with “Primer” and “The Prestige” and an “every shot a pearl” quality that makes the entire piece like an uninterrupted music video.

Choose good principles, not “good men”

The fundamental conservative belief is this: people don’t change from then to now. From the Garden of Eden to the Garden State, human nature has been the same. Since the dawn of time, a good man has been hard to find.