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Student poll favors Ron Paul

Over 50 percent of the 184 students polled at Hillsdale College said they supported Ron Paul, while he received less than 12 percent of the vote in Michigan’s primary.

Q&A: John Jeremiah Sullivan

Visiting Writer John Jeremiah Sullivan came to Hillsdale College Feb. 11 and 12 to share his work with students. He is the author of...

Sullivan to visit campus

Essayist and journalist John Jeremiah Sullivan will visit campus on Feb. 11 and 12 as part of Hillsdale’s Visiting Writers Series. On Monday, he...

Fraternities pick up 15

There was no shaving cream or pickup truck motorcades this time. But it wasn’t Waterman Tea either. Fraternity pickup this semester combined the spirit of clamorous motorcades in years past with the formality of recently established ceremony.

Super Bowl Sunday: Hillsdale style

On Sunday, Feb. 5, sororities, fraternities, off-campus houses and dorms hosted Super Bowl parties to watch the Giants beat the Patriots 21-17.