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APEE Brief

Sophomores Abby Loxton and Brett Wierenga’s papers were judged good enough for presentation at a national conference.

Ongoing battle: film vs. digital photography

Whether using a Canon or a Kodak, the elements of photography relatively stay the same. Introduce the question, “Film or digital?” into the equation, and differences of opinion emerge. The two mediums achieve a print using two entirely — and highly debated — methods.

Influenza spreads across college and county

Hillsdale College Nurse Carol Drews confirmed that multiple students on campus have contracted the influenza, though she cannot determine how many. “This year, the flu...

Keeping campus warm

From wearing down parkas, layering tights, to using hand warmers, Hillsdale College students and staff fight the cold in many different ways. Indoors, that is.

Srsly, America?

A week ago, America reacted. Thousands – from bleary eyed internet trollers with stacks of empty Mountain Dew cans to CEOs of major companies – united to voice their frustration with Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).