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Nic Rowan is a senior from Washington, DC. In addition to the Collegian, his work has appeared in The Washington Free Beacon, First Things, and The New York Post. No one broke D.B. Cooper's fall. email: | twitter: @NicXTempore

Pullmann cuts through Common Core

Bad things, sometimes, take time. The Ed Sullivan-era musical satirist Tom Lehrer enjoyed shocking his audiences with piano-driven ditties about educational experiments describing “new...

Satire: Five Online courses Hillsdale needs

We need to expand our online course offerings by lowering our standards by giving the people that juicy stuff they love to hate.

Beauty deserves a showcase

  Hillsdale College has a growing permanent art collection with no permanent home. This is a blot on the college’s liberal arts reputation that can...

Seven-minute smoke: An unlikely community

Péwé said the college understands the negative health effects nicotine has on the body, but believes students should be responsible for their own health when it comes to smoking.

Citizens, councilmen say new welcome signs are small, hard to read

A fresh wave of discontent has spread among councilmen, citizens, and students over what they say is unnecessarily small lettering on the recently installed...