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Nic Rowan ‘19 is from McLean, Virginia. He may major in English. He admires the logical flow found in a well written newspaper article. Once, he tried to pump his own gas on the Jersey Turnpike. email: | twitter: @NicXTempore

Alt-right leader responds to CPAC ejection

Shortly after alt-right leader Richard Spencer entered the convention hall at the Conservative Political Action Conference, security guards escorted him out of the building.

DeVos says new Dept. of Education will focus on reducing federal...

DeVos did not elaborate further on how schools should address transgender students but instead spoke about how the new Education Department seeks to minimize the effect the federal government can have on what happens in the classroom.

Stockford declares candidacy for mayor of Hillsdale

  Ward 1 City Councilman Adam Stockford announced his candidacy in the 2017 Hillsdale mayoral election in an exclusive interview with the Hillsdale Collegian. The Hillsdale...

Council approves new fire truck purchase

  In an effort to improve public safety, the Hillsdale City Council voted unanimously to purchase a new truck for the city’s fire department at...

House show rocks the house

Only something incredible or awful could happen when 60 people cram into the living room of a half-finished house on Hillsdale St. at 8:30...