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Nic Rowan ‘19 is from McLean, Virginia. He may major in English. He admires the logical flow found in a well written newspaper article. Once, he tried to pump his own gas on the Jersey Turnpike. email: | twitter: @NicXTempore

When Hillsdale College became Collegium Hillsdalis

Graduating seniors who didn’t take a Latin class may have trouble reading their diplomas. To polish Hillsdale’s liberal-arts reputation, Hillsdale College began presenting its graduates...

New owner threatens site where Hillsdale County Civil War soldier died

  When the Michigan Fourth Infantry sustained heavy casualties after the battle of Gettysburg, the nearby Camp Letterman became this largely Hillsdale-based regiment’s field hospital....

Grosvenor and Munro: Historic frenemies of Jonesville

When a house changes hands twice in one day, something may be amiss. That’s exactly what happened when George Munro sold his Jonesville, Michigan house...

Rowan: justice in all forms at CHP

Although the Grange Hall really is nothing more than a barn, SAB has wired it up for a rock show similar to the on-campus Welcome Party in September or Phi Mu Alpha’s November Battle of the Bands at the Elks Lodge.

Council approves project to re-paint Hillsdale Library

  The Hillsdale City Council passed a motion to repaint the Hillsdale Community Library at an April 3 meeting. "A while back they had some vandalism...