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Michael Lucchese
Michael Lucchese ‘18 is majoring in American Studies, and is a member of the Dow Journalism Program. In addition to the Collegian, he has also contributed to The Federalist, Acculturated, Conservative Review, and several other publications. In 2015, he reported on national security and foreign policy for Breitbart News. He also hosts a weekly radio show, The Michael Lucchese Show on Radio Free Hillsdale WRFH 101.7 FM. e-mail: Twitter: @MichaelLucchese

Regardless of the debate’s winner, America lost

Monday night, I watched the first half-hour of the presidential debate. Then I went home to read a book. I couldn’t handle the nonsense...

No Supreme Court is worth electing Trump

After anti-Trump efforts at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland failed, many fell in line behind the Republican nominee.

Why We Need A New Party

When Reince Priebus and the RNC lined up behind Trump, #NeverTrump people believed the party sold out the conservative agenda. On the other hand,...

Former Simpsonite produces ‘ode’ to campus dormitory

Simpson Residence is a strange place. The residents’ antics, from taking homecoming week too seriously to dangling someone in the cafeteria to announce a party,...

Bring Trump voters back into the GOP

What should conservatives do when we wrest our movement away from national populism and Donald Trump? Many conservatives have been arguing in outlets such as...