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Micah Meadowcroft

From Portland, Oregon. He serves as the paper’s Associate Editor. Meadowcroft is majoring in history and participates in theatre and is on the editorial board of the Tower Light literary publication. Meadowcroft has also worked for the American Spectator. He hopes to write after college on arts and culture, international affairs, travel, theology, and politics. email: | twitter: @micahmuses

Campus anticipates part one of ‘The Hobbit’

As the semester comes to a close, students have a lot to look forward to: reunion with family and friends back home, Momma’s cooking,...

Shakespeare: act it out

The first time I read “Hamlet,” I thought it was overrated. I’m a Philistine, I know. But, now that I’ve seen “Hamlet” performed multiple times...

Pizza wars: may the best pizza win

It is a commonly known fact that college students like pizza.  Deciding where to get the pizza, however, can be such a hassle. Of course,...