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Lillian Quinones
Lillian Quinones is a junior from Madison, Wisconsin, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in journalism. She finds her intellectual passion in questions of science and philosophy. She has written for the Collegian for the past three years. | twitter: @LHKQuinones

Will the Pig-Human Chimera move beyond therapy?

Scientists believe they may have finally penetrated the mystique of the chimera. On Jan. 26, a collaborative research group from Spain and the U.S....

A chance to chat with Sourdough Slim

With a yodel and lasso, Sourdough Slim brought the charm of the Wild West to the attendees of the American West CCA. Performing to...

Exploring Google

Walking into the Chicago branch of Google’s corporate headquarters is like walking into the Google homepage, but instead of a blank white screen, concrete...

McAllister will make you want to study philosophy

A new Hillsdale College professor says he wants to talk philosophy with you. “He said that he was really good at recruiting students, which was...

Hot Deals thrift store offers cool finds

Thrifty Hillsdale shoppers can now enjoy a greater selection of low prices with the opening of Hot Deals New & Used Consignment.