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Kayla Stetzel has been reporting for the Collegian since 2013. She is resident of Ft. Wayne Indiana. She is a Marketing Management major with a focus in Law. When’s she’s not writing or studying case files, she’s keeping up to date with music industry news or volunteering with animals. She plans on attending law school with the intent of becoming an entertainment attorney. email: | twitter: @KaylaStetzel

‘Atomic Blonde’s’ feminism is toxic for society

Reviews portrayed David Leitch's “Atomic Blonde” as the “female James Bond” flick of the summer — a film in which audiences can cheer on...

Meet Declan James, freshman international EDM artist

Since freshman Declan Williamson turned 15, he has been signed to three independent music labels — navigating the music world by himself without management,...

Hillsdale less expensive than peer schools

Over the last decade, HIllsdale’s costs have risen approximately 3-4 percent annually. Despite the trend, Hillsdale has kept its tuition costs significantly lower than its competitors, even though it refuses to accept federal funds.

Books are not ‘deeper’ than movies

If someone spends his entire day reading, he might be perceived as scholarly or cultured, but if he spent the last 48 hours binge...

Charger Chatter: Julia Wacker

How long have you been playing basketball? I have played organized basketball since second grade. Of course, growing up with two older brothers, I had...

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