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Katherine Scheu
Junior Katie J. Read is the assistant editor for the Culture page of The Hillsdale Collegian. When she's not working in the newsroom or reporting on a story, she's reading either French literature or backlogged feature stories on the Pulitzer prize website. After graduation, she hopes to write feature stories for a large daily paper and invest in a KitchenAid mixer and a puppy.

Sinko teaches community children to float

Jack Sinko welcomed a gaggle of goggled kids to the McAvoy Natatorium Sept. 20 for their first swim lesson of the year. Sinko, a...

New rules keep Naval Battle afloat

After several trips to the Hillsdale emergency room ended the 2015 Naval Battle, Cravats and Blue Stockings is implementing a new set of rules...

Movie star Morrison: Faith and film in alumna’s future

  Allyn Morrison’s post-graduation life has been less about books and more about movies — but she’s not studying them anymore. She’s in them. Morrison has...

‘Dale Deals’ creators hope to unite students and city

The Student Leadership Weekend group will soon implement their plan in order to begin mending the fractured relations.

Orchestra selected to perform in D.C.

The College Orchestra Directors Association invited the Hillsdale College Symphony Orchestra to perform at its 2017 national conference in Washington, D.C., in February. James Holleman,...

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