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Josephine von Dohlen
Josephine von Dohlen is a senior from Minneapolis, Minnesota who appreciates the communicative power of journalism and the community that it fosters. A graduate of the National Journalism Center in Washington, D.C., she has previously interned with Catholic News Service and the Santa Barbara News-Press. At Hillsdale, she is a member of the Dow Journalism Program and majors in American Studies. Email:

Four ways to spend time at the lake this Fall

Let’s face it, being stuck in the library isn't really how students want to spend their college years. Fortunately, we don't have to.

Hillsdale County opens lending library at Udder Side

In an effort to promote literacy, Hillsdale County opened a free lending library in Jonesville this month. The first of its kind, the installation...

Donley takes no conservative approach to art in external affairs

Every time students or alumni open their copies of “Imprimis” or “Hillsdale” magazine, External Affairs grabs both their attention and their mind’s eye. This April,...

Admissions office hires five alumni this summer

This summer, Hillsdale College’s admissions office welcomed five new counselors and staff, all with one common factor: their alumni status. Using their own experiences, alumni...

Garnjobst’s Greek trip inspires makeover for classes

Earlier this August, deep in a beautiful, remote resort on the Peloponnese, Professor of Classics Joseph Garnjobst spent his days diving into the discussion...