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Joe Pappalardo
He is from Loveland, Ohio. After getting hands-on reporting experience at a naval battle, he now works as the assistant Web Editor for the Collegian. One of the last members of Hillsdale’s computer science program, Joe is pursuing a marketing major and journalism minor. Email: | @joepappalardo95

Fix Simpson’s alarm

The incident occurs as usual. The dreaded fire alarm sounds through the halls. Students groan and shuffle their way to the grass. Most are...

Mopeds increase in popularity

An influx of mopeds are crowding Hillsdale’s sidewalks. More students are choosing them over cars, bicycles, or scooters, and several have been sighted parked...

Simpson wins bloody battle

Bloody cardboard, trash bags, plastic wrap, and shredded duct tape surrounded combatants in Lake Winona on Saturday as  the fighters threw themselves at each...