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Students learn to fly at Hillsdale Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheer Center

  Four-year-old beginning cheerleader Riley McNair stood atop her teammates’ shoulders for the first time, eyes squeezed tightly shut. She was terrified. Riley had never been lifted...

CPAC funding sliced by Student Fed vote

The College Republicans are working to salvage their annual trip to the Conservative Political Action Conference, after Student Federation approved only 80 percent of...

Students, Hillsdale Prep faculty add structure to Latin Teaching Program

Seeking to better serve its students at Hillsdale Preparatory School, Hillsdale College’s Latin Teaching Program is adding more structure and oversight to its classrooms. Student...

Student Fed reps inducted

Fifteen new members of Hillsdale’s Student Federation were sworn in Jan. 19 at the governing body’s first meeting of the semester. Almost the entire federation...

Eagles Explained: Why Chargers are in love with eagles

Hillsdale is home to dozens of eagles, with a total of 27 currently on display.