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Food fight: Student Fed approves CHP request

After a contentious debate, Hillsdale College’s Student Federation voted 14-4 to allocate nearly $7,000 from its surplus fund for Centrahallapalooza at its April 6...

Student Fed looks to make budget cuts

Hillsdale College’s Student Federation must reduce its spending to guard against future financial problems, after operating at a deficit for the past several years,...

Student Fed Facebook increases transparency

As part of an effort to increase transparency, Hillsdale’s Student Federation has its own social media page. The federation created a Facebook page and email...

St. Anthony’s begins Adopt-A-Student program to promote a family environment

  St. Anthony’s Catholic Church recently started an Adopt-A-Student program, giving college students the opportunity to become part of a local family while they’re away...

Delp in translation: reading professor’s handwriting

But even if you read Greek better than Homer himself, your linguistic ninja skills are often powerless against your professor’s handwriting.