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Chandler Lasch

Chandler Lasch
Ms. Lasch is a junior studying history and journalism.

Katz’s magical, musical, one-man play comes to Markel

David Katz’s original play “Muse of Fire” will tell the modern-day story of a sorcerer and his apprentice in a battle to the death...

Historic Hillsdale author revolutionized sci-fi

  What do space opera, doughnuts, and Hillsdale have in common? E. E. Smith. Edward Elmer “Doc” Smith is often considered the founder of space opera,...

How to Become A.J.’s “Customer of the Week”

In a departure from its traditional “Employee of the Week” recognition, A.J.’s Café  has begun featuring employees’ favorite customers as “Customer of the Week.” The...

The long and glorious tradition of Overheard at Hillsdale College

Ask any student where to find the best Hillsdale humor, and they’ll direct you to Overheard at Hillsdale College.

Film and Production Club is now rolling

Soon, film fans in Hillsdale might not have to travel far to attend an indie film festival, thanks to the Film and Production Club. The...