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Anders Hagstrom
Anders Hagstrom ‘17 is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and served as a senior writer and opinions editor for The Collegian. He is graduating with a politics major and journalism minor. email: | Twitter: @DersHagstroms

Sports facilities to be updated

Hillsdale’s administration is planning to extensively renovate the baseball, track, and football facilities within the next five years, according to Athletic Director Don Brubacher. Administrators...

Redwood tree statue would embody eternal truths

When President Larry Arnn welcomed the Class of 2020 to Hillsdale College at Fall Convocation, he said that our College is devoted to those...

Dear U.N., You can’t vote on Jewish History

On Oct. 26th, the United Nations’ Educational Science and Cultural Organization voted away more than 2,700 years of Jewish history. The 10-2 decision with eight...

Ecce Viri: Behold the men

Simpson dormitory has long had a reputation for craziness, but ultimately, what happens in Simpson stays in Simpson, right? Not for long. A 10-minute documentary...

The ‘Secret Life Of Pets’: Still A Secret

Despite its title, “Pets” doesn’t depict as much of the everyday secret life of pets as one might expect, and would have been a better movie if it had stuck to playing off viewers’ expectations (and fears) of what their pets normally do when the humans are away.