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Anders Hagstrom
Anders Hagstrom ‘17 is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is majoring in politics and minoring in journalism. He enjoys reading and dissecting the works of great authors and applying their knowledge to modern culture. This is his second semester writing for the Collegian. email: | Twitter: @DersHagstroms

The ‘Secret Life Of Pets’: Still A Secret

Despite its title, “Pets” doesn’t depict as much of the everyday secret life of pets as one might expect, and would have been a better movie if it had stuck to playing off viewers’ expectations (and fears) of what their pets normally do when the humans are away.

Charger Chatter: Caleb Gatchell

Caleb Gatchell is a junior from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, majoring in accounting and mathematics. He runs on Hillsdale’s track and field and cross-country teams. What’s...

Thackston elected 2017 class president

The class of 2017 elected junior Jacob Thackston for their class president Tuesday. LinkedIn | Courtesy Hillsdale College’s class of 2017 elected rising senior Jacob Thackston...

Hillsdale students at CPAC prefer Cruz over Rubio

National Harbor, MD — Of the Republican presidential candidates at CPAC this weekend, Ted Cruz, who won the CPAC straw poll, was the most...

Wyse and Gautsche: A pair of pianists for all seasons

Teacher of Piano Debbi Wyse and her close friend Kristi Gautsche have performed piano duos together at Hillsdale College every year since 1987. And...