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Charger Chatter: Gretchen Geist

Gretchen Geist, a diver from Beverly Hills, Mich., shares her story from black flops to perfected splashes to becoming a record-breaking collegiate diver.   When did...

Exploring the detroit institute of arts

At 5200 Woodward Ave., a 110-minute drive from Hillsdale, you’ll discover a wonderful example of the Motor City’s illustrious heritage, whose marble façade is...

The Collegian Weekly

The editors’ meeting has already started when he moseys in. He’s wearing a shirt with an oversize wolf on it, a well-worn plaid flannel,...

Our new website

Welcome to the new Hillsdale Collegian website. We've made a lot of changes, added some new features, and given the site a completely new look.

Tiny Hillsdale College in Michigan is a powerhouse in U.S. conservative...

Hillsdale's Washington link is different.