Gov. Whit­mer’s approval ratings.
Logan Washburn | Collegian

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s approval rating has dropped below 50%, according to a recent poll of reg­is­tered voters by the Glen­gariff Group. 

The Democrat governor’s approval rate fell to 47.9% in Sep­tember. A year ago, it was 58.7%.

Whitmer has faced backlash throughout the pan­demic for issuing COVID-19 man­dates and shut­downs, passing large spending packages, and opposing pro-life leg­is­lation.

In Sep­tember, the governor’s dis­ap­proval rate climbed to 46.3%, up from 38.3% a year ago.

Another recent study by the Trafalgar Group indi­cated that when it comes to likely voters, Whitmer is six points behind her potential guber­na­torial opponent, Repub­lican and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Most Michi­ganders are unhappy with the direction of their state, according to the Glen­gariff poll. 

In Sep­tember, the plu­rality of Michi­ganders– 47.2%– said they believe the state is on the wrong track. Just one year ago, a minority of 41.3% believed the state was on the wrong track.

At the same time, just 38.7% of Michi­ganders believe the state is on the right track.

Just a year ago, in October 2020, the plu­rality (44.9%) agreed that Michigan was on the right track.

Whitmer hasn’t responded to the interests of the hard­working fam­ilies of my dis­trict at all,” said State Rep. Andrew Fink (R‑MI 58). “They need con­sistent lead­ership and respect for their rights as cit­izens, and instead they’ve gotten a pro­posal to raise the gas tax by 45 cents per gallon, hush money paid to high-ranking offi­cials, and an irra­tional clamp down on their rights. She’s failed every test.”

The Hillsdale County Demo­c­ratic Party has not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.