Whit­WatWay con­tem­plates a question at the home­coming trivia night on Wednesday. Josh Hypes | Collegian

Whit­WatWay leads home­coming week with a total of 300 points after Wednesday night’s trivia competition. 

In second is the Off-Campus Coalition with 200 points, with South Side Sweet­hearts and New Dor­mitory tied for third on the leaderboard.

Fol­lowing a second place showing at the banner com­pe­tition, Whit Wat Way swept the trivia com­pe­tition, answering 34 of 40 ques­tions correctly.

The trivia com­pe­tition ended with Whit­WatWay taking first, fol­lowed by OCC in second, and Alpha Tau Omega in third.

“I’m glad we placed,” said sophomore Whit­WatWay trivia par­tic­ipant Truman Kjos. “We had a good spread of knowledge on the team.”
Sunday night, teams packed in the Grewcock Student Union, waiting to unveil their banners at midnight. 

During home­coming week, it’s not uncommon to see the Off-Campus Coalition bang pots to boast of their kitchens, or Simpson res­i­dents dance and jump on union couches blasting John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” 

Chants and taunts between teams ensued as the crowd grew in size and enthu­siasm. OCC chanted “we have beer!” while Simpson responded with “moral high ground!”

“This is the epitome of com­munity,” freshman Charlie Miggins said.

The South Side Sweet­hearts, a new team com­posed of Koon Res­i­dence, the Paul House, and the Town­houses, won first place in Monday’s banner com­pe­tition. Whit­WatWay and OCC took second and third respectively. 

The South Side Sweet­hearts’ banner drew inspi­ration from World War II pro­pa­ganda posters, but with a Hillsdale woman instead of Rosie the Riveter or Uncle Sam.

“We wanted our banner to rep­resent no single Hillsdale icon,” said senior Vika Nuñez, Paul House head res­ident assistant. “The Star-Spangled Girl has qual­ities all girls at Hillsdale can see them­selves in. Winning the banner com­pe­tition gives us moti­vation to work harder this week.”

Sophomore and Koon Res­i­dence RA Anna Kate Hicks said the team hopes to build a rep­u­tation for the women’s res­i­dences on the south side of campus.

“Our intention going into home­coming was to put on a good show and have fun,” Hicks said. “This year we are building new inter-dorm friend­ships by working hard with one another.”

Nied­feldt House Director Colton Duncan said the team banners looked better than last year’s.

“The banners look as sharp as ever,” Duncan said. “The teams did a fan­tastic job. We are ready for an intense, fair, and exciting homecoming.”

Gal­loway Head RA Seth Ramm said the turnout for the banner com­pe­tition was larger than any past year.

“This is the most united that campus has been for a banner drop in years,” Ramm said. “It is a good sign for the rest of home­coming week.” 

In Tuesday’s photo com­pe­tition, New Dorm placed first, with Olds Res­i­dence in second, and Team Dob coming in third.

New Dorm recreated Emmanuel Leutze’s painting “Wash­ington Crossing the Delaware” for their sub­mission. The women took the photo at Michindoh Con­ference Center where they color-coor­di­nated their outfits and poses, rented one of the camp’s canoes, and then replaced the back­ground with the painting back­ground in Photoshop.

Senior and Head RA of New Dorm Katie Ingham said the team was con­tinuing a tra­dition of winning the photo competition.

“We won the photo last year and we’re con­tinuing a dorm tra­dition,” Ingham said. “It’s good to see our work is being rec­og­nized and encour­aging to win the little things that boost dorm morale.”