Courtesy | Nike, Inc.

Nike has been accused by Con­gress of prof­iting off the forced slave labor of the Uyghur Muslims in Com­munist-run China.

Despite the company’s hor­rific business prac­tices, the Hillsdale College Book­store still sells Nike quarter-zips and hats — but it should stop.

Nike is a major influence on American culture. Recently, the company’s influence has expanded into politics. 

Last summer, Nike’s stances it took on political and cul­tural issues revealed itself to be a company many Amer­icans weren’t willing to support. After announcing that the company feels aligned with China’s values, Nike said it would be working more closely with Chinese sports — but it gets worse.

Hun­dreds of Uyghur Muslims are forced to work in Nike’s Chinese fac­tories and in December, Con­gress accused Nike, among other com­panies, of relying on slave labor. 

Although Nike denied the claims, human rights vio­la­tions were so evident that the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives passed the Uyghur Forced Labor Pre­vention Act in June, which cur­tails imports from Xin­jiang, the ter­ritory where the Uyghurs are reportedly enslaved. 

Since the late 20th century, China has forcibly detained mil­lions of Uyghurs. Sur­vivors tell horror stories of daily gang rape, sexual torture, human traf­ficking, and mandatory ster­il­iza­tions from inside Xin­jiang camps. 

Nike’s alle­ga­tions of forced labor, its alignment with the Chinese Gov­ernment, and its con­tro­versial political state­ments don’t align with the mission of Hillsdale College. 

Hillsdale pos­sesses a rep­u­tation of virtue, excel­lence, and the pursuit of the good. How does its sale of Nike goods made in support of slave labor further this pursuit?

Whether a con­sumer chooses to buy Nike gear is ulti­mately up to that indi­vidual, but Hillsdale should stop sup­porting a company that is in such oppo­sition to the college’s values. 

Hillsdale’s pursuit of moral excel­lence is a rare thing and should be pre­served by every means pos­sible — even in the bookstore. 

Just don’t do it.