In less than a year, Pres­ident Joe Biden and the Demo­c­ratic Party have made America unrec­og­nizable. American strength and courage are buried under a divided country — and even though the 2024 election is years away, it can’t come soon enough. 

The U.S. needs a com­pas­sionate yet dis­ruptive leader — a leader that can be found only in former South Carlina Gov. and United Nations Ambas­sador Nikki Haley. 

Haley rose to national attention from her superb han­dling of national tragedies: a hur­ricane, a school shooting, and a racially moti­vated church shooting. In each of these sit­u­a­tions, Haley worked tire­lessly to protect her state with strong policies — but she did so with com­passion and affection. 

After a shooter killed nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Epis­copal Church in Charleston, S.C., in June 2016, Haley sen­sibly called for the removal of the Con­fed­erate flag from the state grounds, solving what had been a bitter state controversy. 

As an ambas­sador to the U.N., Haley was aggressive and inde­pendent. She right­fully stood firm against Russia, Syria, and North Korea. She con­stantly defended the allies of the U.S., espe­cially  Israel from relentless attacks. 

Haley is willing to per­sis­tently defend her country and her people. America needs her leadership.

It’s not too early to seek a can­didate who can pull the country out of the abyss the Biden admin­is­tration has dug for America.

Democrats have proven that they are not capable of leading this country, and Repub­licans must select a can­didate who will be an under­standing and deter­mined leader. 

The clear choice is Nikki Haley.