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For months after her grad­u­ation from Hillsdale in 2010, Kat Timpf came home to a dingy apartment in Cal­i­fornia and fell asleep on a yoga mat. 

She worked long days in radio and full nights wait­ressing to pay the bills. 

“I never lost sight of what I wanted to do,” Timpf told The Col­legian in 2014.

Timpf cur­rently works as a Fox News con­tributor and reg­u­larly appears as a pan­elist on “Gutfeld!,” a late-night program. She spent time as a reporter for National Review as well before joining Fox News full time last year. 

After grad­u­ating magna cum laude, her pursuit of a career in jour­nalism helped her develop the hilarious, out­spoken, and con­fident voice viewers know her for today. 


Her grit and deter­mi­nation embodies Hillsdale’s motto of, “Strength rejoices in the challenge.” 

When she was hired at the Wash­ington Times in 2011, Timpf said she pestered the radio staff every day to let her have even just a few minutes on air. They needed someone to cover breaking news, and she jumped at the oppor­tunity for a daily segment. 

Timpf dis­played the kind of passion and work ethic stu­dents aspire to have as a Hillsdale graduate. Her edu­cation didn’t stay in the class­rooms of Lane Hall after she left campus. 

“It blew my mind when I figured out I could combine wanting to act and write with my love for freedom,” Timpf told The Col­legian. “I feel like I’m able to explain things in a dif­ferent way, espe­cially in the con­ser­v­ative movement, because so many of the voices, even the young ones, sound like they’re 50 and cau­tious. It needs some spice. The message of freedom should be cool.” 

Her expe­rience in the world of jour­nalism means she has excellent critical analysis skills and unique under­standings and opinions about the world. The insight she could share with stu­dents moving on to full-time life in the pro­fes­sional world would benefit more than just her fellow English majors. 

In her parting article for National Review, she described the impact the position had on her life. 

“I knew I’d been given a once-in-a-lifetime oppor­tunity to write for an iconic pub­li­cation alongside some of the most bril­liant writers alive,” she wrote. “I knew that, as long as I didn’t blow it, this was going to have a huge impact on my pro­fes­sional life.” 

Her humor brings a unique spirit­edness and clever sarcasm to her com­mentary. In one of her humorous seg­ments on “Gutfeld!,” Timpf donned a red wig and blue dress and strolled around an office in a parody of Jen Psaki, the White House press sec­retary. She spoke in circles around her coworkers’ ques­tions. and checked a binder for ref­erence when someone asked her, “Jen, how’s it going?”

College grad­u­ation is an intim­i­dating life change, and Timpf’s levity and attention-grabbing manner of speaking offers the light­hearted energy a crowd full of anxious grad­uates needs. 

The expe­rience stu­dents have during their four years here at Hillsdale is incredibly valuable and unique to this school. It would be a shame to invite a speaker who doesn’t under­stand what kind of school Hillsdale is and the kind of stu­dents it forms. As an alumna, Timpf could com­mem­orate grad­u­ation by hon­oring Hillsdale and the new alumni from her own expe­rience here as a student. 

According to The Col­legian, Pro­fessor of History Brad Birzer said Timpf exuded con­fi­dence and intel­li­gence during her time here as a student. 

“You only have to watch her on Fox to see that very same look,” Birzer said. “Kat is genius. Cer­tainly, she’s the leading wit of her gen­er­ation, but I also think she’s one of those unique folks America pro­duces only every once in a while.”

Timpf would be an excellent addition to Hillsdale’s growing list of celebrity com­mencement speakers. She knows how to tell a story in a bold, bright voice that has not only impacted readers and lis­teners, but Hillsdale College’s campus. It’s time for her to return and address the class of 2022 at its commencement.